/ Biography

My name is Joan Mir Mayrata, I was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1997. Motorcycle riding is my passion, my way of life. My first motorcycle was a Polini when I was 6 years old, a year later the Honda QR arrived. I took my first steps in this sport with my father and my sponsor. I was passionate about riding anything that had wheels. In fact, skates, skateboards and scooters were part of my childhood. Jumping on the ramps in my garden and playing with my friends was what I liked the most in the world.

I entered competition after watching the career of my uncle, Joan Perelló, who participated for years in the world championship with the Stop & Go team. That day was spectacular, and somehow everything started which became what it is today. Then I went to train at Jorge’s father’s school, Chicho Competición where you can take your first steps learning how to ride a motorcycle. In 2009, I entered the Balearic Federation’s motorcycle school, where I continued to learn under the instructors and Dani Vadillo, who oversaw my personal training. At that time, Valentino Rossi was one of my idols, and today I am lucky to share the track with him. But if there is someone I admire for their behavior on and off the track it is my countryman Rafa Nadal. A real superstar from whom we can learn many values ​​and approaches for facing both competition and daily life.

Undoubtedly, all these years have been spectacular, and of great value to me, because if I hadn’t had all these experiences and met the people with whom I have crossed paths, I would not be the person I am today. That is why we should never lose the desire to learn from everything that surrounds us and continually improve.


The first big battles were in the Balearic Championship and the Bankia Cup, with good friends on the track and at the same time great rivals, who made me improve to be at a great level. In 2011 in the XL160 category we won the Championship. The following year we were able to win in the MotoGP 125cc PreGP Cup championship and got a place to run the Redbull Rookies Cup where we competed for several seasons with great results and gathering great experience in international circuits.
In 2015 we started running in the FIM CEV with the Leopard Racing team. That year was very complicated with changes in the team. It was thanks to Paco Sánchez, my current manager, who helped us move the season forward and continue my learning. That same year I had the opportunity to make my debut in the World Championship at the Australian Grand Prix. That race was brutal despite finishing on the floor, as I came out in the 15th position and I managed to ride with the leading group, in 4th place.
In 2016 we debuted in the World Championship, I continued to fulfill my dreams and had to continue training hard to have a good level and not stop my progression. You always have to look ahead and visualize your goals. That year, in addition to getting my first podiums as a world championship racer I finished 5th overall, despite having several falls that made me learn a lot. That year I was the best rookie in the category, and we started 2017 very strong and motivated. Year 2017 was splendid, it would improve some things, but I cannot complain; Moto 3 World Champion with 10 victories and 13 podiums. I almost managed to beat Rossi’s record… amazing!
In 2017, we moved to Moto 2, with much desire and with the possibility of only being there for one year, since there were several offers to be able to compete in MotoGP teams. Finally, it was like that, in the middle of the season the signing was made official by the Suzuki ECSTAR team, another dream come true that makes my motivation to be maximum, to improve every day. The season in Moto 2 went well with some podiums, I would have liked to win races and the championship, but the maximum category was waiting for me and I did not hesitate to make the jump.

In MotoGP, everything happens very fast and you have to be very focused, I push myself to overcome and improve my technique every day, every time I go to the track .. my dream continues.




“I’ve always tried to make the most of every day, every workout, every race, never stop believing in yourself and always try hard”